Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some days I feel like the most irrational human being alive....

and then there are days like today where I feel like the U.S. needs to get a grip.

Yes, this is another blog post about something that's in the news. People are beside themselves that Rolling Stone decided to put a picture of the guy who is suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon on the cover. I for one, cannot remember the guy's name if you ask me right now. It's some crazy Eastern European name. Anyway, people say that it glamorizes terrorism. The caption under the Title clearly says something to the effect of, "The story of falling in with an extreme Islam sect and turning into a monster." Call me crazy, but being called a monster isn't very glamorous. I don't look at magazine covers and say, "I want to be a monster."

Furthermore, what's his name is not the only evil monster to grace the cover of a magazine. For example, Google "Time Magazine cover for October 1, 2001." That's right folks, Osama Bin Laden graced the cover of Time. Granted Bin Laden's not as attractive as what's his face, but that's a truth that people need to face. Not all bad guys are unattractive, old men. Sometimes they are people who you would not suspect, simply because they are better looking. Back in the day, Joseph Stalin was featured in Life magazine on March 29, 1943. We may not have known the full extent of his monstrous behavior, but he was truly just as evil as any modern terrorist. In February of 2012, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was chosen as Time magazine's most influential person by its readers. I'm not trying to pick on Time Magazine. I firmly believe that it has a right to publish articles on whatever it wants. I simply would like to point out the hypocrisy of the outrage at Rolling Stone. If you're going to be mad that they are so-called promoting a terrorist, then you should be mad when other publications promote other dictators, terrorists, and monsters. It's as simple as that. Maybe people were mad when Time published photos of Bin Laden so soon after 9/11. I don't remember, however, obviously we got over it, because the magazine still exists today.

Frankly there are only so many times Rolling Stone can publish a photo of a half naked, overly-sexualized woman before it gets old and over done.

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