Saturday, July 13, 2013

Advice for all women in love.

I read a free e-book called The Ultimate Marriage Vow, because it was free, and I'm on vacation. Not because I'm married, or need advice on my marriage. However, I was glad I read it, because of one passage.  The author is Darlene Schacht and this is some advice she gave her daughter on love which I will paraphrase instead of saying verbatim, because that would be plagiarism. The basic gist of it was, that she wanted her daughter to be ready in case her man ever let her down, because sometimes when he lets you down you start to question whether or not you should be together at all. You really need to read the whole section though to get the full impact. It's Day 18 in her book. The link is below. 

I think this is a wonderful message for all young women who are in love to hear. Married and unmarried. I've talked before about putting your significant other on a pedestal, and by being let down when you put your faith in anything other than God. She really put it together beautifully.  If you are married, reading the 21 day challenge and going through with it is a great plan. Her book can be found on her blog. Please either like her facebook page or follow her blog if you're going to read her e-book. 

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