Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Fever

Usually the season changing from Winter to Spring doesn't kill me like this. Summer to Fall is what usually gets me down for the count. This year was different. Western Kentucky is just special like that. I woke up yesterday morning with swollen eyes, itchy throat, and runny nose. It was definitely a day to call in sick. 

I dressed up, went to school, ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, and then came home and slept for five hours. When I woke up, I felt fifty times better. The lawn mowing service came and did my lawn, quickly, and inexpensively. I cleaned a little of my house. Then the man came to take me to dinner at his parent's house. The sweetest man in the world, he had bought me flowers and a card as a get well soon gift. I'm not a girl who expects flowers, like ever, but he made me ridiculously happy. 

Today, my eyes are still itchy and my throat's a little scratchy, but I was in good spirits regardless. I jumped up this morning. I taught through an entire school day without getting tired. I was still basking in the glow the love of a great guy.There was nothing that could rain on my parade.

The job search still looms over me, but I'm trying not to let it ruin my current good mood. I am extremely blessed with wonderful friends, family, and church friends. 

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