Monday, October 29, 2012

The not so frequent blogger.

Anywho...the last time I blogged, I had many offers up on the table for jobs. I accepted a job at Central High School in Madisonville, KY. I have been extremely busy, and I appologize for not keeping you all updated. It is nearly the end of my first trimester at Central, and I can tell you that it has been very different in a good way.

My new kids and coworkers are great. Not that they are without flaw, but I seriously have more good days than bad. Last year it was tougher for sure to say that I was completely happy with my job. I'm oddly reminded of a quote from the Sex in the City movie. "How many days a week do you love your husband?" Well I don't have a husband, but right now my job is my spouse, and just like Charlotte, I can honestly say, "Everyday, maybe not all day everyday, but everyday." There are moments everyday when I'm like, "Yes! This is why I started teaching."

I love being near my Madisonville friends, although I miss my coworkers from HHS constantly. So many of my coworkers from last year have also moved on to other positions/places. It's kind of crazy how things change.

I have been going consistently to First Christian Church, but I do not know what my purpose is there yet.  A part of me feels like I should try somewhere else, and part of me just wants to put down roots. I spent all last year wandering around trying to find a place, and I never really fit. I wonder if throwing myself into a church and just giving it a go will be more effective.

As likely as I know it is that I'll get pink slipped, I do not want to go anywhere. I absolutely despise moving. The only way I'd move is to be closer to family. Seriously it stinks that I'm not close enough to go on vacation with my family easily. I'm not very experienced at long distance driving, so my parents come here every time and take me with them. I won't be going on a big vacation this year though, so that should help me a tad financially.

I do so want to put down roots for good somewhere. It's hard not to be constantly nervous about whether I'm going to have to do the fifty application shuffle. I'm such a control freak sometimes. God always takes such good care of me. I don't know why I worry.

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