Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday I asked my readers to take risks which is sort of the Dare of "Truth or Dare." Today I decided to write about truth, because truth also has risks involved.

Truth is sometimes risky due to its absolute nature. If something is true, than one can be absolutely certain of its validity. Which means if it is a truth you do not want to hear, it can hurt. A friend who is an alcoholic or drug addict will not want you to confirm his/her has a problem. It is difficult for a child to go home and tell his/her mother that he/she made an "F" in math this semester (Believe me, I know. I didn't make the right decision in that regard, and suffered because I lied for a long time.). It can be hard for a guy to tell his girlfriend that he thinks the relationship is over.

Now there are some wonderful people in this world, who tell the truth all the time, even it it does hurt. Some people might think they come off as insensitive or rude, but I appreciate them for the very fact that so many people tiptoe around the truth. Sometimes the hard truths must be known. Now I tell the truth often, but I will definitely own up to my fair share of mistakes and white lies. Like when you think one of your guy friends is dating a witch (only subtract the w and add a b in its place). When you have to be nice to the witch anyway, because you respect your friend's decision and trust them to be responsible. You keep your mouth shut, even when you want to say "I could have told you so," when the relationship blows up in his face, because you want to show you trust him.

Trust goes along with truth. I know I have some of my girlfriends that I can trust to tell me the truth when I'm trying something on. "Oh no, girlfriend! That dress makes you look like a stuffed sausage!" (None of my friends actually talks like this that I'm aware.) The fact is, while hearing that trying to shove your donk into a spandex dress does not flatter you at all, you are spared the later humiliation of a complete stranger telling you what your girlfriends should have told you in the first place. There are some friends who are more sensitive than others. You've got to find a way of telling the truth more gently than my theoretical friend above did. "The designer just can't make clothes that fit people with curves>" Always good to blame the designer, because lots of times that's the truth. I can't wear Daisy Fuentes pants, because they fit everywhere except at my hips, and that's because they rub my hip bone, so I could get larger ones and they would be baggy everywhere, or I could shave off some hip bone. Neither of those are great options.

I have some guy friends I can trust the same way. So often my girlfriends are just as irrational as I am, so it's good to have guy friends to set you straight. Someone to say, "Shut up, you'll find a job." (Ok, so I've had girlfriends say this too. They're sick of me whining. lol.) Or "You just need to suck it up and practice." Girlfriends have a tendency to coddle, but not my guy friends, and sometimes tough love is what you need.

As a Christian, I am one of the least Bible-thumping people I know. Sometimes I think I should be more of a Bible- thumper, because the truth is, if I don't follow the great commission I haven't been doing my job. Some people are afraid of Bible- thumpers, and some Christians like me are afraid of ostracizing those we love by being Bible-thumpers. Instead I choose to simply try to be good ( I sadly am not always successful), and I always try to listen and love those who do not follow Jesus. It's hard not to be afraid of someone who tells you that you will go to Hell if you do not accept Jesus Christ into your heart, and most people know this side of Christianity anyway. 2 Timothy 1:7 states "God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." So I and other Christians have the responsibility to take that power, love, and self-control and channel it towards helping other people.

The truth is there are so many people in my life who don't know Christ. It breaks my heart, and I know some of them probably roll their eyes as they read this. Some of them may not know if they can be a Christian, because they have done terrible things in their past and do not wish to be judged. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I do not wish to judge anyone, or bring hell-fire and brimstone stories to your door. To those who can't understand why bad things happen to good people if a God is in control here's the truth, in Romans Chapter 8 Verse 18 it is written that the sufferings of the present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. So all the trials and tribulations that Christians and non-Christians alike endure daily, are small matters compared to the greatness of eternal life and salvation through Jesus.

For those of you more philosophical people you can always logic your way to Christianity. That's right, logic your way there. If God does exist and one chooses not to believe, well we know the answer to that. If God does not exist and one chooses to believe, well then we're not worse off. I know, very Decartean of me, but nevertheless it makes sense. You cannot 100% disprove the existence of God anymore than you can 100% prove it, and that is of course why it is called faith.

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