Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm already making New Years resolutions. Even before winter break....

Believe me kiddos. Teachers look forward to it as much as you. We also dread back to school as much as you, but not for the same reasons. I like to teach, and I like to go to work and earn a living. I do not relish the idea that my students will forget how to behave in my class over the course of two weeks. Try as I might, I cannot understand that phenomena.

Oh well, that time will come regardless of what I try to do. I cannot stop it. I am still going to enjoy my winter vacation. I get to see my family. Hopefully my whole family. I'm excited for sleeping past 5:45AM without putting myself behind for the rest of the day. Of course Christmas will be the best, spending time with family and friends while remembering that Jesus was born to save us! :)

I've got a mid-term to prepare kids for, and a chapter test to prepare my other kids for. It's going to be ridiculous here for about a week, and then I'll be on break. I may not be on here for awhile, so I'm going to mention a little about New Year's too.

Just as I may have to start over with my rules during the new semester, the new year offers similar avenues for one's personal life. I'm starting to take better care of myself I believe, because I don't know how I can expect myself to take care of 123 teenagers, if I don't look after me. I don't just mean the stereotypical eat right and exercise part (although that certainly is part of it), but I also want to find a church. I need to more aggressively search for one. I've only been to two different churches in Hopkinsville, and I didn't really feel led directly to either of them. Therefore starting in the new year, I will go to each of the churches I have already been to the first two weekends January 8th and January 15th, and then proceed from there, if I choose to not attend one of those two. I've been kind of lax, especially the last month or so, about getting to any church. I believe that this can be solved by being better about church hopping, until I find the right fit. I don't just want to church hop forever, but I do believe it will help me find my niche. If anyone in Hoptown has some ideas, please enlighten me. Hopping to churches where you are not sure you know anyone is awkward at best.

Help me friends to strengthen my resolve in this matter. I will blog every Sunday after break about my thoughts on each church to help me reflect on each one.

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