Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I knew that if I tried to write what I was thankful for all month, that I would constantly forget and have to back track. Instead, I will blog about the top 24 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

1. Life: Ironically it is the title of this blog, and also the only reason why I can appreciate the other items on this list.
2. Family: Without my parents, I wouldn't exist, and not just because two X chromosomes wouldn't have formed a zygote that made me, but because I would be nothing like me. They gave me my morals and principles that shape who I am. My sister is probably my hero; she works hard even though she doesn't get much credit. She's an inspiration.
3. Faith: Ok so some people might chide me for putting family and life before my faith, but in reality, if I didn't have the other two I would not be able to serve God well. My faith has helped me when my family could not, and it is with me even when I am several miles away from the nearest family member. 
4. Friends: Be he/she an old or new friend, I'd be lost without them. I am a bit of a loner naturally, but I'll admit to loving a good conversation. I love chatting online with my old friends from home and college, and I enjoy hanging out with my work friends now. If I didn't have them, the next thing I'm thankful for would drive me nuts.
5. Career: Some days may seem like the day from H-E double hockey sticks, but in reality, I love my job. I cannot say that it is always rewarding or even fun, but I do love the people I work with and most of the students. I wouldn't trade my job for any other job in the world.
6. Health: I'm probably a crazy work-aholic to put my job before my health, but I am thankful to be a relatively healthy 22 year old. No major surgeries, no major illnesses, etc. *knock on wood
7. Weekends: A student asked a fellow teacher and I if we enjoyed our weekends as much as they do. Answer: "Oh, yeah." 
8. Children: Obviously if there were no children I wouldn't have a job, but more than that, I appreciate small children, because they remind me that people don't start out vindictive (not to the same degree anyway).
9. Pets: Living in an apartment with a "no pets" policy kind of stinks. I love playing with my friends' pets when I visit their houses. 
10. Shelter: Despite the "no pets" rule, I am very grateful for my very reasonably priced apartment. 
11. Vehicle: Without my car I couldn't make it to my job, and while I hate driving, it's a pretty cute vehicle.
12. My Voice: I am thankful not just for being able to speak (although that is certainly an integral part of my life), but also for my ability to sing adequately enough to express myself. 
13. My Freedom: I live in one of the most free countries in the world thanks to some amazing men and women in the Armed Forces.
14. My own classroom: Being a teacher who floated would kind of stink, but it might make me more organized....nah.
15. Being single: It's not something I always appreciate, especially when I cannot get the pickle jar open, however I do appreciate not being in a relationship that's crumbling and not being part of any drama.
16. Dancing: I cannot "drop it like it's hot" (Okay maybe I can, but I won't.), but I love ballroom dancing. Waltz anyone? 
17. Movies: Every once in awhile it is good to escape your own crazy messed up life, and watch a movie about someone who's life is crazier than your own.
18. Food: Another item that should be higher on the list I suppose, but I really am quite thankful for the food I eat.
19. Clothing: Hooray for not being naked and cold all the time. Another thing that should be higher on the list. 
20. Electricity: I cannot imagine living without my lights and heat. Thanks electricity.
21. Clean water: Another high priority list saved for the end. I love water, and I am very glad I have good water.
22. Challenges: I see these as opportunities for growth and improvement.
23. Smiles: Everyone loves a smile. "Greet one another with a smile for a smile is the beginning of love."-Mother Teresa. 
24. Funny People: I love to laugh, and I'm extremely thankful that God has blessed me with plenty of people who do that on a day to day business. 

So those are the items I am thankful for in no particular order. I think it is a good representation of the things I hold near and dear in my life. So I come back full circle to life, the theme of this blog. Life is too short to be unhappy, so I am glad that God has put me somewhere I can be happy. It forces me to grow quickly, and it is frustrating sometimes. I do believe that the challenge provides satisfaction for me when I am successful.

So Thank you, God.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Ms. G

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