Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So apparently settling in is never happening....

I said I would blog when I'd settled in. Well, three months later, and that hasn't happened. Therefore, I will blog anyway.

I have six classes and one planning period. Kids complain about having seven assignments to complete, but the teachers have about 120 assignments to grade as well as creating notes and lesson plans for their six classes the next day. It makes me appreciate that my high school had block scheduling with only four classes per semester and the teachers only had three. Of course I know that, that kind of scheduling comes with its own woes.

One thing I definitely cannot complain about in the slightest is the people I work with at the high school. They are definitely some of the most dedicated, hard-working professionals that I have ever seen. I love my department! They call themselves the social studs, (Get it? I teach Social Studies.)and I'm the social stud's sweetheart (I'm not certain how official that title is.). The only other female in the department is our den-mother. She's my mentor, and the best person I could be working with on my internship (I may be slightly biased.). I also spend a lot of time hanging out with the English Department, because there are more female teachers with whom to socialize (Is that wording awkward, or is it just me? I was trying hard to not hang my preposition.). The principals are great, and I'm not just saying that, because they might read this. One of them used to be a "social stud (He probably thinks he still is a social stud)," so he is very good at empathizing with the teachers. The head principal and the other assistant principals have been invaluable in helping me deal with tough students as well as my instruction. All four of them definitely want the teachers to be successful, so that students can be successful. See what I told you? I think I work with some of the greatest people.

All in one day within my first two weeks of teaching, I managed to lose my purse, cancel my debit card, locate my purse, and make two new friends in the process. They are the best. One of them is a social stud (I don't know how "stud" like he is. Sorry.:D) and the other an English teacher (She's a second year teacher. She was the "new girl" last year.). After that crazy day, she bought me dinner. What gems right?

There are two first year English teachers. One was hired back in May, and the other wasn't hired until about four weeks into the semester (She's newer than me!). Those two and the new art teacher are probably the people I talk to the most. Us newbies must stick together. They are an amazing group of ladies for sure, and I'm pretty certain I'd die of boredom without them.

So the move has been rough for sure. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with myself. (I have enough work to do to fill all my time, but I'd go crazy if I didn't take breaks.) Family visits are few and far between, and my sister is away in West Virginia trying to make her own money, so I never see her. Sad days. It's hard not to miss a place that's been your home the better part of 21 years. It's weird the things you miss. Like when you need a tissue, and you realize dad isn't there with one in his pocket ready for you to use. Also, no one remembers to go out and get bread, and no one can remind you that you froze half a loaf a week ago. (By the way, I now have a loaf and a half of bread. Should I try to freeze another half, or hope that I use it?)

I don't know that guys have this problem, but ladies did you ever realize how much hair you shed until it was completely up to you to clean your own bathroom? Some of you probably had to do this for a chore, but I did not have that chore. I didn't notice it before, and now I'm kind of grossed out (Ok, I'm sorry it's a hanging preposition. I can't avoid them apparently.). It's also really hard to motivate yourself to clean a place that only you see, when you're not a natural neat freak. I do a decent job of keeping food messes at bay (I detest foul odors and food messes.), but I cannot for the life of me motivate myself to do laundry more often than every two weeks. I'm super behind on laundry. I'm drowning in it. I need to have friends over more often; it motivates me to clean more.

Things I love about living on my own: I love having a kitchen and being able to cook and bake for myself. Cooking is therapeutic. My other great love is my keyboard, which I can sing and play on until my heart's content (or it gets rudely late.). I've been using my computer web camera of late to make videos of me singing (Go ahead and laugh, it's pretty lame.); I'm pretty certain my neighbors want to shoot me. No one has reported me to the realtor, or if they have, the realtor as ignored him/her. I love living across the street from the library. I can get movies there, work on lesson plans there, and get away from my laundry there (Jk, but really it's true. Sometimes my apartment's messiness keeps me from getting my lesson planning done efficiently. If I can focus on my lesson plans and get them out of the way, I can focus on my apartment. When I try to do both at the same time, it pretty much is an epic fail.)

So far, I love my new job. The kids can be infuriating, but at the same time, I am thankful to have each infuriating experience as a learning tool to make me a better teacher. I pretty much ask every man and his brother for advice, but I am having trouble implementing everything correctly. That'll be a challenge for me.

I need to get off here, and go to bed. I have to get up at 5:45AM tomorrow and get ready for my chickens (I mean that in a nice way. I promise). I'll end this blog with a favorite quote.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. -Henry Adams

Ms. G.

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