Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do any other "adults" act like kids sometimes?

.....and I don't mean immature.
My parents stayed in Hopkinsville last night when we got back from Thanksgiving in Slade, KY. Wonder of wonders I found a mouse in my apartment. I get on the phone with my dad at 10:30PM at night, and I'm like, "Daddy, there's a mouse in my apartment." "He's like, I'm sorry, I can't do anything about it right now." "Can I come stay at the hotel tonight?" "Yes, do you want us to come get you?" "No, I'll drive there."

That's right, a 22 year old woman couldn't stay in her apartment with a mouse at night. Today we went to Lowe's and bought a mouse trap (A covered one, so God willing I won't have to touch or look at the mouse much to get rid of it.) We then got foam and duct tape to cover up the holes we think it got through in my utility closet. My parents think it is likely that it won't come back, because I didn't have any handy dandy food sources, so it probably went back in the wall when I startled it. Hopefully that means it'll bug my neighbor instead of me. I'm totally joking. I am hoping it went outside...where mice belong.

I hate mice. I had one in my dorm room last semester. My roommate leaves a note on my computer saying, "I heard a mouse in your dresser last night. I was so weirded out, I couldn't sleep. Just thought you should know." (I'm totally paraphrasing; I don't recall what exactly she said.) Eventually the dorm set sticky traps (Awful, awful things.). We caught one in a sticky trap. Here it is 3AM, and a mouse is squeaking in the sticky trap. I will have to student teach in a couple days, but I have to be awake for a orientation meeting early the next morning. I wake my roommate up. She manages to find out which trap it is in by hitting it with the swiffer mop we had. We capture it in a tupperware container. Then we go outside and bury it in the snow (It's January). Yes, it's kind of sadistic, but we were sleep deprived. We didn't want to listen to a mouse squeak all night long. The mouse froze to death, and we had a friend dispose of it the next day.

................December 1, 2011: The mouse came back while I was typing this ironically. It got caught in the mousetrap my dad set, and it's gone now, but I just thought I'd update this one before I wrote another one.

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