Sunday, July 31, 2011

Room of one's own.

I am very certain I am not the only underemployed recent college graduate. In fact I'm fairly certain there are over 1000 other college graduates who are in the same boat as I am. Actually it's probably more like an ark. The kind Noah had to make to save all of the animals God created.

I have a degree in Social Studies with Secondary Education certification, but it looks like this school year I'll be stuck subbing. Not that I dislike the idea of subbing. No lesson plans, no homework to grade, but also less money. Of course less work should equal less money. If I work everyday approximately, it'll be enough for a single girl sharing a small apartment with two roommates. Actually once I get used to all my bills, I could probably rent my own apartment.

So it should be enough right? "A woman should have money and a room of one's own (to write fiction)" comes to mind. Then again Virginia Woolf decided to fill her pockets with rocks and drown herself in the River Ouse. In this case I won't be getting a room of my own. I'll either sleep on the futon, or share a room with my roommate from college. I adore her, but I'm sure she would like to keep her own room too. The great thing is, I'll probably never be lonely, and if I am, it's probably just self pity not because I'm actually alone.

I am reminded of another quote, "Money has never made men happy, nor will it, there is nothing in nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has, the more if it one wants." Good ole Ben Franklin seems like a wise fellow in that quote, although how wise can you be to fly a kite with a key attached in a storm? It is true that we think we need more than we actually do. I mean a single person can definitely live on $12,000 dollars a year (about the amount a substitute teacher makes).

So if I have to be a substitute teacher (not that I actually have to, just that it'll at least get me working with students again.) I guess it'll be much better than not working at all. At least I'll be able to "bring home the bacon," and yes perhaps eventually be able to afford a "Room of my own."